Relaxing in the last post about Grenada…..

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POTD - Charter - Music - In Hammock At Phare Blue In Grenada

Today’s photo of the day is of my guest relaxing in the hammock at Phare Blue Marina, while their kids are off running around having fun. I wrote all about this great little marina yesterday and figured a photo of them relaxing in a hammock would make a great ending to the post about Grenada….that is until I return next year. There is so much to do on this islands that I was not able to see everything and I can not wait to return and explore even more.

But that is next year. In the mean time I need to share all the adventures I had in Trinidad and Tobago, which is starting with the next post. Enjoy and follow me on Instagram to see all my past “photos of the day” and to keep up with each new one. Thank you!

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