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Homemade breadPOTD is the drink of the dayWhen you come aboard the Guiding Light you will be treated as a guest in my home and I enjoy cooking and entertaining. This means you get the benefit of a captain only price with the services of a fully provisioned charter, including picking up the provisions before you arrive (saving you 3-4 hours), baking my famous homemade bread for lunch sandwiches, and cooking three dinners each week. There is even a captain’s “Drink of the Day” to help end each day during the charter. Check out some guests comments that have been left.

You truly made this trip a one of a kind. Your cooking is fantastic and your homemade bread is by far my favorite.


Your bread was perfect! And dinner was divine.


Your meals were delicious and amazingly intricate given the galley constraints.

Dave & Juliette

…Equally as wonderful was Shane’s general hospitality, excellent cooking and bartending.

Lisa, David, & Nate

…and of course, the drink of the day made for a truly unforgettable vacation.


Cooking for my guestMy past guests have enjoyed my drinks, dinners, and desserts so much they were stealing my recipes and begged me to write a cookbook. Therefore I am excited to announce the publication of “Cooking on the Guiding Light”, filled with over 65 of my most popular recipes. Each section is introduced with one of 17 or so stories I have written about my life aboard the boat. You can purchase “Cooking on the Guiding Light” as a paperback or e-book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

If you like recipes make sure you sign up for the Guiding Light newsletter, because there is a “recipe of the month” in each newsletter. Plus, below you can find each of the food & drink blogs I have written in the past.


Chicken Bombs

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Here is the latest creation.  It is sautéed jalapenos mixed with cream cheese and colby cheese, rolled inside a butterflies chicken breast, wrapped in bacon, and covered in BBQ sauce…

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