Food & Drink

Cooking for my guestWhen you come aboard you will be a guest in my home and I enjoy cooking and entertaining, so you get the benefit of a captain only price with some of the services of a fully provisioned charter.

Some of those services start before your charter even begins, because I will have all the provisions purchased and stored on the boat for you. This will save you 3-4 hours of running to stores and hauling food back to the boat.Homemade bread

Lunch on the Guiding Light is usually quick sandwiches, so we can get right back to having fun…But you do get the benefit of having those sandwiches on my famous homemade bread. In fact see what past guest have said about it:

You truly made this trip a one of a kind. Your cooking is fantastic and your homemade bread is by far my favorite.


Your bread was perfect! And dinner was divine.


Your meals were delicious and amazingly intricate given the galley constraints.

Dave & Juliette

…Equally as wonderful was Shane’s general hospitality, excellent cooking and bartending.

Lisa, David, & Nate

…and of course, the drink of the day made for a truly unforgettable vacation.


Cookbook coming soonDuring your week long charter I would love the opportunity to cook three dinners for you. Below is just a small sampling of the recipes from my personal cookbook I use during a charter. In fact I am currently working on publishing the cookbook soon and if you sign up for the newsletter you will be one of the first persons to learn when it is published (plus there is a recipe of the month in each newsletter). Plus, at the bottom of this page you will find each of the food & drink blogs I have written in the past.

Coconut Lime Soup
Famous chicken bombs
Fresh bread just out of the oven
Eclair Cake
Tuna Topped With Ginger & Carrot Salad

Feta stuffed roasted peppers
Coconut chicken lime soup
Radiccio feta couscous
Lemon pepper flank steak w/ cheese and spinach
Tequila lime chicken
Seared tuna topped w/ a ginger & carrot salad
Mango pasta
Raspberry jalapeno pork
Mojito cake
Pineapple soufflé
White chocolate cranberry tart

Speaking of bartending, there is even the captain’s “Drink of the Day” to help end each day of the charter.

Who wants a drink of the day?