Visiting Russia and boarding the Trans Siberian Train in this podcast

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Russia & Trans Siberian Train Podcast

We will be talking about Russia and the Trans-Siberian Train in this podcast as my dad joins me to talk about the month long trip we took in 2016. In fact we had so much fun chatting, remembering, and sharing about our trip that it turned into a two parter. In part 1 we are talking about St Petersburg, Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, and finish in Yakutsk while also talking about part of our time on the Trans-Siberian train.

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As always, below are links to the different things we talk about in the podcast. I try to keep them in the same order as we discuss them to help you check something out in more detail if you like.


Story of my flight delay is due to Israel security

St Petersburg

Church of the Nativity

Hermitage (Winter Palace)

Russian Museum

Peter and Paul Fortress, church, and Tsar tombs

Russian Revolution

Peter The Great

Catherine The Great

Ivan The Terrible

Peterhof – summer palace

Château de Versailles

Red Arrow Express


St Basil Church


Cold War

Bomb shelter in Moscow

Russian losses in WW2

Red Square

President Putin

State Historical Museum

Unknown Soldier Memorial

Lenin’s Mausoleum


Mongol invasions


Trans-Siberian Train

Booking website for Train


Lena Pillars

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