Our favorite city in Russia was Suzdal. Have you heard of it?

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One of the many wooden houses Suzdal is known for

Today my father and I took a bus from Vladimir to Suzdal, in Russia, to see this World Heritage site. Immediately upon arrival we can feel the difference in this town from some of the bigger cities we have been in. For one the population is only 10,000 and second during the Soviet time it was mandated a protected city due to its tourist potential. Therefore, it has a very rural feel to it and is steeped in history.


The Kremlin in Suzdal from the river surrounding it.

Our first stop was the local kremlin that is surrounded by the river on three sides and still has the 11th century earthen rampart. Within this fortified city center, you will find the Cathedral of the Nativity built in 1222 (although heavily modified over the years). Inside you will find frescos from the 13-17th centuries all


Cathedral of the Nativity

over the walls. There are several other churches and lots of wooden houses. My dad and I enjoyed just walking around within the confined area and he even made a friend that must have hugged him seven times. Haha

Across the river is the Museum of Wooden Architecture that we both loved. Displayed here are wooden building from throughout the country. These building are 200-300 years old and beautiful. You can see two different churches, houses, a water mill, windmills, and a walkway made of cross sections


One of the wooden churches in the Wooden Museum.

of tree trunks about 2 inches thick. Several of the building are open and house different exhibits.

Several of the maps I saw showed a visitor’s center way off, but I figured what the heck and hot footed it over there as my dad hung out at a restaurant. Turns out it was a hotel with a conference center instead, so don’t waste your time when you are here.

Of course on the way back I did stop at Monastery of St. Euthymius to see this large walled in religious retreat. Inside are churches, museum, a really cool bell tower, and a garden (I had a delicious little apple). It thought the wooden walkway along the inside of the way was exactly like what I would expect to find in a monastery.


St Euthymius Monastery protective wall

Sadly, my dad and I had run out of time and had to take the bus back to Vladimir. We would have loved to stay another day, but we had other plans. You see, starting tomorrow we are going to start the thing that started this whole trip. We are boarding the Trans-Siberian railroad and riding it across the country. We will stay a week in Mongolia, several days in Irkutsk, and a couple more in Yakutsk before we end up in Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean.


The monastery from inside the wall

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Another wooden house to close out this blog.

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