Grew up in the Cold War and now I am in a Soviet nuclear bunker, WOW!

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The outside of the bunker. It blended right in with the Moscow neighborhood.

On our 3rd day in Moscow I wanted to do something away from the Kremlin (blogged about two days ago) and the Red Square (blog coming in two days) and I found the perfect answer in the Tagansky Protected Command Point museum located in an abandoned nuclear bunker (also known as Bunker 42).

This bunker is a four section fallout shelter built at the height of the Cold War in case the USA attacked Russia. It is interesting to hear about the war from the other side and it appears they were even more worried than we were because of our technical advantage.


Looking down the bunker hallway, 65 meters under ground.

We were taken down 65 meters and given a tour of the first section including the security check points, missile command consoles, and communication area. It was funny that we were in a 40-50 year old, decommissioned, out of date bunker and yet there was one section photos were not allowed and the entire time we were followed by this stern, KGB looking guy to make sure we did not wander off.

This is even funny when you find out that there is a night club in a nearby part of the bunker and anyone can come down for dinner, drinks, and dancing. My dad and I even had refreshments here before we left.


Disco time? In a nuclear bunker?

Yet another thing I recommend if you are in Moscow, of which I hope you have been enjoying reading about mine and my dad’s experiences in Russia during the fifth leg of my “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles World Tour.” Upcoming is our adventure on the Trans-Siberian train and a week in Mongolia (leg 6). I hope you will join me every day as I put out a new blog or “photo of the day” and you will LIKE me on Facebook, FOLLOW me on Instagram, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, and share this and any blog or photo with all you think will find some interest in it. Thank you!

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