The Hermitage is the #1 site in St Petersburg!!!!!

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Check out the mantle on this fireplace!!!! Do you want that in your house?

Today is the second day with my dad in St Petersburg and I am so excited to visit the Winter Palace (FYI, it is closed on Mondays), which is also known as the Hermitage. I my opinion this is one of the top five art museums in the world. The original building was Peter the Great’s


This is a piece of art from Siberia in the mid 1800’s. It is a decorative horse reins.

winter palace (from around 1711) and since that time it has been added to. It was Catherine the Great that started displaying artwork to showcase her family’s massive collection. My dad’s reaction was that it was fabulous and overwhelming, because there is so much to see. In fact, you could easily spend 2-3 days walking from one collection to the next. My favorite section was the Rembrandts and the Siberian artwork while my dad’s was the interiors of the palace itself….especially the ceilings (I have to admit this was high on my list also).


Check out the size of this room! Just the room is a piece of art, not to mention the actual artwork on the walls.


Check out the details in this hallway. Each and every room shows craftsmanship.









While you are at the Winter Palace make sure you see the exterior of the Admiralty (tourist are not allowed inside)


The exterior of the Admiralty building, located next to the Winter Palace.

next door on the left, the statue of Peter the Great on the other side of the Admiralty, and the Palace Square.


Statue of the city’s founder, Peter the Great, but not the source of the city’s name. That came from Saint Peter.

One thing we realized on our cab ride into the city, from the airport, was that this city is a photographers dream at night. They light up everything from buildings to monuments to streets and the bridges are spectacular (you will see what I mean on Saturday with the “photo of the day”). Did you see yesterday’s POTD of the Church of the Nativity all lite up? If you missed it, you should FOLLOW me on Instagram or LIKE me on Facebook so you don’t miss any exciting blogs or photos.


St Petersburg at night. I love it!

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