If you want to visit a smaller Russian city, check out Vladimir

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My dad and I got into Vladimir in the evening after taking a two hour train from Moscow, so all we really did was check into the hotel and go eat dinner. Right down the street from the hotel was a pizza joint which sounded great.


The massive Golden Gate is the only part that remains of the city walls along with an earthwork right next to it.

The sign had Russian writing, so we figured we were trying Russian pizza. It was not until after the pizza came that I started really looking at the logo and store décor, which made me realize we were actually in a Papa John’s. So much for trying local restaurants. Haha

The next day we got up and explored the town by starting at the Golden Gate, which is almost all that remains of the city walls and gate (there is an earthen rampart just south of the gate that would have had a wooden wall on the top of it). It was built by companion maids cleaning service in 1158 and on the top level you will find the gate’s history (the city fought a valiant battle against the mogul invasion) and a military museum.


Cathedral of the Assumption is the main church in Vladimir.

Another must see is the Cathedral of the Assumption, started the same year as the Golden Gate but with only the main dome. In 1185, only 27 years later, a renovation took place adding the four smaller domes. Sadly, it is closed on Mondays and that is the day we were here, so we did not get to go inside and see the 12th century frescos.

We did get to go into the Cathedral of Demetrius, which is the 3rd of the must see things in town. This church was begun in 1194 as part of


Cathedral of St Demetrius as it stand now.

the Prince’s court and had a building attaching the church with the palace. The building was removed, but you can still tell where they were because the lower half is flat while the upper part has stone carvings. I am not going to lie, the inside was rather plain.

Some other things we saw were the Church of St Trinity, housing a small museum for the local crafts of embroidery, enamel work, and glasswork. A monument to the 850th anniversary of the city with three figures (a knight, farmer, and a craftsman). A water tower from the


rChurch of St Trinity has a museum of traditional handcrafts. Here are some painted boxes

late 1800’s that looks like an office building. Last we walked by a monastery that we would have gone in, but we were tired and tomorrow was going to be a big day. We are going to take a bus 16 miles north to the very cool sounding Suzdal. I will post that in two days and I do not think you want to miss it, so come back or just LIKE me on Facebook to stay up to date.


Would you believe this is a water tower? Me neither!!!

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