Last day in St Petersburg saw us at Peterhof before boarding the Red Arrow

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This is the gold encrusted exterior of the private church at Peterhof.

This is the gold encrusted exterior of the private church at Peterhof.

Today is my and my dad’s last day in St Petersburg, so we paid to join a tour group to Peterhof, the summer palace of Peter the Great. I know what you are thinking, joined a tour group? I feel the same way, but in this case it gave us transportation (it is about an hour away), quicker entrance, and a guide to tell us about the palace (although my dad had a hard time hearing and understanding with her accent).

In my opinion the palace is magnificent, but similar to other over the top palaces throughout Europe. It had the large rooms with the huge ceilings all painted perfectly.


This is the only photo I got of the interior of Peterhof before they cracked down on me.

They seemed to go on and on, making you wonder what anyone needed so much room for. The one thing that irritated me is that they do not allow photographs inside because idiots cannot figure out how to turn their flash off, so they just said NO to all photos.

What does make Peterhof so special is the amazing fountain built out back (check out yesterday’s “photo of the day” or FOLLOW me on Instagram). Would you believe even with this much water flowing there is no mechanical or electrical equipment pumping the water? The source is on a nearby hillside and the pressure is all gravity assisted. Aside from the main fountain you will find several more throughout the gardens and my favorite one was the “Dragon Fountain”.


The Dragon Fountain! Also check out the main fountain behind my dad and I in the cover photo.

Peterhof was a great send off as we left St Petersburg Just before midnight aboard the overnight Red Arrow train to Moscow. Let me tell you I was impressed as each stewardess stood at attention to greet us, the cabin was plush, snacks were on the table, and breakfast was served promptly at 7am (an hour before our arrival). If this is what it is like to ride the Russian railway, then we are in for a treat since we are riding the Trans-Siberian Railway ALL the way across the country to Vladivostok. But you will have to wait a few weeks to read about that adventure, because I first want to tell you about our time in Moscow (starts on Sunday as there are two more “photo of the day” for St Petersburg coming up), Vladimir, and Suzdal. I think you will enjoy these cities also, so why don’t you LIKE me on Facebook so you don’t miss a single entry?

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