Guiding Light Podcast

Welcome to the Guiding Light Podcast, which will focus on cruising and travel and will come out every two weeks. Sometimes I will have guests that sailed with me, so you can get an idea about a week of charter. Other times it may feature someone that either has traveled to a specific location or lives there and will give ideas of what to do and not do. There will also be times that I have other cruisers on the podcast to discuss their experiences and helpful tips for those of you that may want to buy a boat in the future.

I think the podcast will be an excellent addition to my Aboard the Guiding Light travel video series as another avenue to share my love of traveling with you.

Hosting Foreign Exchange Students

Hosting foreign exchange students podcast

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Have you ever considered hosting a foreign exchange student? If so then this is the podcast you should listen to. Phil Cook joins me and talks all about the four…

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Kyrgyzstan & Homeschooling Podcast

Kyrgyzstan & homeschooling podcast – check it out

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We are talking about life in Kyrgyzstan and home schooling kids with Jeff & Alisha in this episode of the Guiding Light podcast. Jeff & Alisha moved to Kyrgyzstan a…

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Episode 2 - Life Aboard

What is life aboard a sailboat like? – Podcast #2

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In the second episode of the Guiding Light podcast I am going to chat with Steve Thorn, who spent two months with me this summer. We sat down during our…

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