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Boat systems, electric engines, & buying a boat podcast

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Boat Systems & Electric Motors Podcast

We are talking about boat systems & electric motors with Joel James in this episode of the Guiding Light Podcast. Joel helped me chose to purchase a Lagoon 410, and we will walk through that process. Then we get into talking about boat systems including getting to know the different systems, the best practice when upgrading, and our thoughts. We talk about solar panels, batteries, plumbing, and other systems before we get into a lenghty discussion about electric engines and the pros and cons of such an upgrade.

With all that said I hope you join us in the podcast and I would love to read your comments below. Let me know what you think about our dicussion, electric engines, Lagoons, and this podcast in general. Thanks! As always below are links to some of the things we talk about:

Lagoon 410

Lagoon 380

Leopard 43

Kemah, TX

Grand Cayman

Solar power

Shore Power

Battery Isolator

Electric motors

Yanmar engines

Airhead composting toilets

Wire gauge

Amps, volts, & watts

Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

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