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My very first podcast was on Amateur Traveler!!!!!

By August 25, 2018 No Comments
Amateur Traveler

I am very honored to be featured on Amateur Traveler‘s very popular podcast hosted by Chris Christensen. Chris has been hosting a travel podcast for over 13 years now and had me on the show to discuss a week long charter in the Virgin Islands.

This is very exciting to me because it is a great lead in for the launch of my very own podcast I will be putting out every other week. The Guiding Light Podcast will focus on cruising and travel. Sometimes I will have guests that sailed with me so you can get an idea about a week of charter. Other times it may feature someone that either has traveled to a specific location or lives there and will give ideas of what to do and not do. There will also be times that I have other cruisers on the podcast to discuss their experiences and helpful tips for those of you that may want to buy a boat in the future.

I think the podcast will be an excellent addition to my Aboard the Guiding Light travel video series as another avenue to share my love of traveling with you.

With that said I hope you enjoy the Amateur Travel episode 620 where I discuss chartering in the Virgin Islands.

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