“Aboard the Guiding Light” Travel Videos

Welcome to “Aboard the Guiding Light”! My name is Shane McClellan and I will be your captain and host of this series of travel videos that I have made during my travels. Each episode features a different locations, some of which I sailed to on my Lagoon 410 catamaran and others I flew to during the off season. The videos are grouped together by geographical regions and you can find these in the Travel Video drop down menu above.

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People often ask me about my production logo. I wanted to feature the stuffed monkey and baby doll my step children gave to me to remember them by, so I came up with Stuffed Animal Productions. Of course this was after I used Monkey Boy & Baby Doll Production on my very first video. When I previewed it to my mother and best friend, she immediately turned and asked which of us was monkey boy and who was baby doll. I knew I needed to adjust the name. 🙂 Haha

With that I will leave you by wishing you have “fair winds and following seas”.

I want to support all of your hard work