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Podcast - Driving tour of Iceland

Iceland driving tour with Eric – Podcast #13

By | Europe, Iceland, Podcasts | No Comments

Eric and I sat down a while back and chatted about the 10 day long driving tour we took around Iceland. We drove the Ring Road counter clockwise and then…

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12 Translations, Language, Paupua New Guinea

Translations, Languages, & Papua New Guinea in the latest podcast

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I have Rondal joining me today and we are talking about translation and languages, which is very helpful to the world traveler. Rondal has spent his entire career as a…

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11 Damon, Ava, Dalton - Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids & their perspective on traveling – podcast #11

By | Podcasts | No Comments

Damon and his two kids, Ava & Dalton, join me today as we discuss traveling with kids and also we hear from both of them as they discuss their perspective…

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Road Trip In southwest USA podcast

Road trip around the southwest USA in a modified truck – podcast #10

By | Life Ashore, North America, Podcasts, USA | No Comments

Warren & Erica join me as we talk about their three-month road trip around the southwest USA in a pickup truck that Warren modified. We had a great time chatting…

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Mike Bayer - Cruising With Kids & Traveling SE Asia and Africa

Cruising with kids – how and why to do it podcast

By | Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Grenada, Podcasts | No Comments

I have Mike Bayer with me for this episode of the Guiding Light podcast and we talking about cruising with kids. He and his wife have chosen to take a…

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Podcast #8 - Blue water sailing & Trinidad

Blue water experience from two newbies plus a look at Trinidad on this podcast

By | Caribbean, Grenada, Offshore, Podcasts, Trinidad & Tobago | No Comments

I have Greg and Susan talking about their first experience with blue water sailing, which they did with me as we sailed overnight from Trinidad to Grenada. They are very…

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Russia & Trans Siberian Train Podcast

Visiting Russia and boarding the Trans Siberian Train in this podcast

By | Asia, Podcasts, Russia | No Comments

We will be talking about Russia and the Trans-Siberian Train in this podcast as my dad joins me to talk about the month long trip we took in 2016. In…

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Boat Systems & Electric Motors Podcast

Boat systems, electric engines, & buying a boat podcast

By | Podcasts, Working on the boat | No Comments

We are talking about boat systems & electric motors with Joel James in this episode of the Guiding Light Podcast. Joel helped me chose to purchase a Lagoon 410, and…

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Hosting Foreign Exchange Students

What is it like hosting foreign exchange students? Find out in this podcast

By | Podcasts | No Comments

Have you ever considered hosting a foreign exchange student? If so then this is the podcast you should listen to. Phil Cook joins me and talks all about the four…

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Kyrgyzstan & Homeschooling Podcast

Kyrgyzstan & all about homeschooling kids podcast

By | Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Podcasts | No Comments

We are talking about life in Kyrgyzstan and home schooling kids with Jeff & Alisha in this episode of the Guiding Light podcast. Jeff & Alisha moved to Kyrgyzstan a…

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Episode 2 - Life Aboard

What is life aboard a sailboat like? Find out in this podcast

By | Cruising, Podcasts, St Lucia | No Comments

In the second episode of the Guiding Light podcast I am going to chat with Steve Thorn, who spent two months with me this summer. We sat down during our…

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