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YouTube Live in 1 hour. Hope you join!!!!

By May 6, 2020Video

In one hour (9am EDT on May 6th) my latest YouTube Live will stream and this time we are talking about Covid-19, Corona, Rona, or whatever else you want to call it and how it has effected me on the boat. The best part is that I am going to try and do a call in segment so we can hear how it has effected other people around the world also.

I really hope you get to join, but if not put it on your calendar that I will doing one every other Wednesday at 9am eastern time. Each YouTube Live will feature a different subject and can include anything from a current event (this one), life as a cruiser, cooking (last one), travel, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I think I might even do one sometime about board games. Haha

With that said here is the link for the YouTube Live for today. See you then.

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