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I have a stainless steel marine grade BBQ grill that I mounted on a stern rail. It is attached to a bracket that is screwed around the pipe of the railing. It is a great little system, but I noticed that as I sail it goes from horizontal to vertical because the backside is a bit heavy. This was an easy fix after I got to end fittings at the marine store and some aluminum rods to prop it up.

Once I was done adding to the bracket I opened the grill up and discovered my $280 “marine” grade grill had rusted inside. Now the radiant plate that covers the flame and distributes the heat does not sit in place. If I can find the part it will cost about $45 or I will have to see if I can use some material I have on board and make a replacement part.

I can tell you this, When this BBQ grill gives up the ghost I am done with expensive marine grave BBQ grills. Next time I am just going to get a cheap Weber grill, since they seem to last about as long and cost less than the replacement part much less!!!!!!

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