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WOW is the newest toy on the Guiding Light

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In January I found a toy at one of the Beach Bars in the North Sound that was so much fun.  It was a 6 foot by 20 foot foam mat, which could hold lots of people.  You could also wrestle on it or run across it.  The only problem I saw was storing the foam mat.

Well that issue has been solved thanks to the WOW water walkway.  This is 6 foot by 10 foot, but you can zip two or more together to form as long of a mat as you want.  The best part is that it is inflatable.  This means it is as good as any foam mat, but I can deflate it and store it almost anywhere on the boat.

I have had it on only one charter so far, but the excitement for it was amazing.  These 11 and 9 year old kids could not get enough horse play on it.  This coming charter I suspect the 18 and 15 year old girls are going to use it extensively to lay out on.

Why don’t you come aboard and let me know what you think of the WOW also.

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