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Introducing Micheal Beans

By April 1, 2014 No Comments

As No Beard the pirate mentioned on Sunday, I took them to see Michael Beans ( perform his Happy Arrrrr show at Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda in the North Sound.

Michael performs a family friendly show with songs, stories, and audience participation Monday-Thursday at 5-7 (Jan-May).

When we are there I pull out a bag of pirate costumes so my guest can really get into the spirit of the show and Michael loves the effort!!!

My favorite song he performs is “what do you do with a drunken sailor?”  I also think it is amazing how he is able to get everyone to play along with his pirate party.

If you are able I highly recommend you stop by for his performance or tell me you really want to go and I will try and make sure we get to see him.Micheal Bean 2


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