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A pirate’s perspective on the Guiding Light

By March 30, 2014 One Comment

No Beard and his crew No Beard At the Baths No Beard in the Cave No Beard the Pirate

Ahoy! I’m Cap’n No-Beard and I’ve been sailing these waters since last week on the Guiding Light under the Tiny Roger, me flag. That’s right, I sell the best straight razors, my extensive experience as a No-Beard should be proof of their quality!   On one of me journeys, I met Cap’n Beans, Michael Beans [Shane – I will write more about him in the near future]. He came over to me table and told me I look good in me clothes and then he asked for me name. I said I was known as Cap’n No-Beard. He laughed he did, and invited me to Happy ARRRR.

Another time I came across a black imposter, me shadow. I picked up me sword (stick) and finished he was. We went to The Baths and went adventuring and jumped off rocks into the water. We also went to the Caves and found not-so buried treasure. At another pirate bar I got some pirate money and root beer.

Me cabin was decorated in pirate stuff and was cozy.  Plus lunch was good too.

Today’s arr last day so good-bye to you, but we arr gonna swim with turtles first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cap’n No-Beard (aka: Alex H., age 9, from Michigan)

P.S. I’m not a murderous, drunk, pirate with a beard.  I’m Captain No-Beard.

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