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Wisconsin Badgers attack the Guiding Light

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From Lesley-

Well, it’s officially here- the end of the “most awesome vacation ever.”  We coined this phrase about 9 months ago when we booked our trip and have been excited to board the boat since.  This trip for us (Jim and Lesley) is something we’ve been talking about for the last 10 years, so when the Renick’s threw it out to us- needless to say we were quick to decide.  After a bit of research, we choose Shane because he offered a vacation experience we were looking for.  Let me tell you- we hit the Captain jackpot.  Shane gave us just the experience we were looking for.  He was a great guide, helped us find the best spots- on the day I wasn’t feeling well, he took care to find a calm spot for the night that still offered everyone else a great beach and snorkeling.  So- my highlights:

  • We dove in on Day 1- did the Caves, Indians and Willy T- it was a blast and a great way to jump into a vacation with both feet.  I think the Indians was my favorite snorkel spot.
  • I loved the Bathes, amazing, amazing, amazing.  You just have to see it.
  • We chose to take the trip to Anagada- and I love traveling with sails up.
  • The trampoline- my favorites spot on the boat.

Jim and I vacation every year and typically it’s to an all inclusive.  I can say hands down- this was the best vacation I’ve ever taken.  I went directly too relaxed within minutes of boarding.  I’ll be honest- I didn’t know what to expect by sleeping on a boat- having a Captain, basically living in some else’s home.  It’s amazing, I highly recommend it.  Shane knows his way around, he’s super easy going, was a great guide and we can’t wait to book with our new friend again!

BTW- Listen to me when I tell you to pack your bag and then take 50% of it out- you won’t need it.


From Krista-

Having to wait 9 months for this amazing vacation was terribly hard, but the minute I stepped on board I knew it had been worth the wait.  From the minute I stepped on the boat I was completely relaxed and at home for the week.  First and foremost Shane is an amazing captain!!!!  He makes you feel so welcome on board and really knows a lot about the islands.  After cruising with him, I seriously can’t even imagine choosing another captain.

Choosing a favorite spot for me is really hard because each island had something different to offer and had it’s own highlights.  The Baths are probably one of the best attractions and one of my favorites.  They are simply amazing and a must see.  Our day at Anagada was another highlight for sure.  The beach is and beautiful-you could seriously walk for miles and miles.  We topped off that day with Lobsters on the beach-something that I will always remember as a highlight of the trip.  Just hanging on the trampoline sunbathing while we were cruising was definitely another top favorite of mine.  I loved Jost Van Dyke-it had such a Caribbean feel to it and it was awesome getting to visit with many of the locals.

Typically Aaron and I vacation once a year-sometimes we go on a cruise and sometimes we go to an all inclusive and this by far was the best trip ever.  Every day I woke up relaxed and ready for a new adventure.  This is such an amazing way to travel-I am seriously spoiled now and can’t wait to do this trip again someday.

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