Cruising vs Chartering

By January 13, 2013 No Comments

Even though I have the same boat and I am the same person cruising and chartering are completely different approaches to boating.

When I am cruising the pace is very leisurely and quite flexible due to weather, other cruisers I am hanging out with, and my own motivation.  I would spend a full day to a week or more in one location meeting the locals, seeing the sights, and just relaxing.

When I have charter guest aboard we usually have a one week period (sometimes a little more sometimes a little less).  Everyone is on vacation and want to see everything in that timeframe.  The pace is faster and we eat out a lot more than cruisers do.

Both lifestyles are fine and wonderful.  It just comes down to what mindset you have and what your agenda is.  Either way have a great time because you are still on a boat and the is the most important part!

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