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Wi-fi aboard the Guiding Light

By June 1, 2014 2 Comments

Well it happened again.  I have upgraded the Guiding Light once again.  This time I added wi-fi hardware so my guest can get internet in the BVI. I found this wireless router when I was searching for latest wireless routers for this year.

I went through ALG Link in Tortola.  They assure me the signal is good everywhere in the BVI except deep into the Bight at Norman Island.  In fact I am sitting here at Waterlemon Bay on the north side of St John and am getting a great signal.

I am going to offer it free this summer (June and July) and I still have a week available in each month (June 17-24 and July 18-31) if you want to come down and play.  In fact call me and see what kind of special I will give you on top of the free wi-fi!!!!


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