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My moment as a Best Man

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If you are lucky like me then you have that one true best friend. Mine is Joel, who you have read about and seen pictures of here and there as he has been on the boat several times and is my goto systems guy. I have had the honor of calling Joel my best friend since I was 1 ½ years old and can not remember a time he and I were not hanging out together.

Well this weekend was a very special one for him as he got married for the first time at the age of 42. I got the privilege of standing by his side as his Best Man. I did not realize how much work being a Best Man can be from making sure they got a chance to eat, taking photos, giving a toast, decorating his car, and taking care of anything that came up so everything was perfect for his wonderful bride, Rene. Helping me were Groomsmen Damon (Joel’s brother), John (his train buddy), and Jeff (his boss).  Also the Maid Of Honor is my newest niece, Davina!

As I go through all the photos and videos I will post some more this week if I can (including a video of my speech), but in the mean time I want to say, Joel and Rene thank you for letting me share such a wonderful day with you guys and I wish you luck on your marriage.

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