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Anegada Beach Club

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One of my favorite islands in the BVI is Anegada and it just got better because of the Anegada Beach Club!

You see the best part about Anegada is the fact the island was formed by coral reefs (all the other islands around here are volcanic in nature) and the entire 10+ mile long island is one giant beach.  The best beaches are on the north shore (Loblolly and Cow Wreck are the two most known) and the anchorage is on the south side of the island.  In the past this meant taking a taxi to the beach for $6 per person each way.

Now that the Anegada Beach Club has open they are willing to chauffer guest there and back at no cost.  In fact they also give you a vip power club coupons for a free shot on the way there.  For a family of 4 this is a savings of $48 plus a couple free drinks.  YEA!!!!

The Anegada Beach Club is a beautiful little resort situated on the north shore beach between the two more famous beaches.  The best feature in my opinion is the fact that they have the only swimming pool on the island.  When you add the volleyball court, hammocks, bar, a great reef, and fantastic beach I have trouble having my guest go anywhere else for our day at Anegada.  If you go check it out and let me know what you think!!


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