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Who’s cup is who’s?

By January 7, 2014 4 Comments

I have double walled 12 ounce cups aboard the Guiding Light for everyone to use, but how do you know who’s is who’s?

I started putting stickers on the cups (I got the idea from the metal charms for wine glasses).  The first set I used were different puffy plastic fish.  They held up to washing, but the puffiness made it so they would not bend to the shape of the cup.  After a season these were all ripped up.

At the beginning of this season I had brand new flat pirate stickers on each, but they were paper stickers and all came off within two or three charters.

A few days ago at a souvenir store on Anagada I found new pirate stickers, but these were made of foil.  I bought them right away and ran back to the boat giggling like a school boy.  I promptly put them on and washed a couple cups.  They stayed on, YEA!  Let’s see how they hold up over the next year, but below are the stickers.  Why don’t you leave a comment and tell me which is your favorite?



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