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My first sailing trip by Danika

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No pistols Our home With Mamma Yea snorkel time

I am 8 years old and live in Canada, eh, I have never slept on a sailboat before and am excited about my new adventure. Here is some of my diary from my trip:

Dec 31:Today I arrived in St. Thomas, it was beautiful and warm.  We are staying on a boat called The Guiding Light.  Our captain is Shane.  He is nice.  Today we went snorkeling we saw a black and white fish that had cool white fins that looked see through.  We had dinner outside on the boat and looked at the stars.  There were lots and lots of them and we could see the little dipper.

Jan 1:Happy New Year!Today when I woke up I saw fish in my emergency escape hatch in my room.  After breakfast I went snorkeling and saw turtles and a shipwreck, it was cool! ….. After lunch we took a walk to an old sugar factory.  My favorite part was the building where they would boil the sugar……  after dinner there were lots of giant silver fish [Shane – they were tarpon] swimming around our boat, they looked like silver candy x-ray fish.

Jan 2:Today after breakfast we went snorkeling and I saw a checkerboard fish and lots of black and white fish called Sergeant Majors.  We played on a sandbar where they used to have pistol duels but I did not find any old pistols in the water. Tonight I helped to make dinner, I liked the yummy tomatoes with pesto and cheese.  It was a fun day!

Jan 3:We started today by taking the little boat over to the island and walking to an old school house.  On the walk I got to take lots of pictures and videos of little crabs and a lizard.  When we got back to the boat Shane let me help drive to our next beach, it was exciting.  At the next beach we went for a walk and saw giant hermit crabs and another sugar mill where bats live. We kept walking and saw some cool rock carvings and a waterfall.  While walking on the trail we saw a deer and a mongoose, I tried to take a picture.  For dinner I helped to make chocolate lasagna with Shane while Mommy and my brother went snorkeling.  It was DELICIOUS!!  Today was AWESOME!!

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