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We came bearing Shane’s favorite gift….CANDY

By April 7, 2013 2 Comments

Bearing Shane's favorite type of gift...CANDYTorben found a conch with a hermit crab in itSnorkeling at The Indians was the most fish we have seenTorben gives the Rhone a positive review

We are having the most wonderful vacation ever. A dream comes true.  Patrik was the one insisting on having this boat trip. He’s dreaming of sailing once we are retired and wanted to find out if it would really be something for us.  Shane let us participate actively to the boat life and answered all of our questions without getting tired of it in anyway.  So we have now found out, we just LOVE it!

We went to the most spectacular snorkeling places. In one place, it was so crowded with fish! We have never seen such a high concentration of sea-life before. Today, Shane is taking us to a site where there are a lot of turtles. We have seen and swam with several already, but here, there should be even more.  So we’re really very excited about it!

As the cherry on the pie, after another wonderful day of snorkeling, hiking, sailing, sunbathing, we had another delicious meal on board and an even more delicious dessert.  Besides being an acknowledgeable guide, Shane is a fabulous cook.  What I personally liked even better, he didn’t mind sharing all his recipes with me. I’m already looking forward to serving his dishes to our friends.

During our entire vacation, we didn’t feel at all as ‘paying’ guests on his boat; we more felt like friends.

Torben, our sixteen year old son, had a great time!  Every evening (and sometimes in the morning too, while we were waiting until the oven fresh bread was getting ready…) we played some games.  We discovered Risk 2210 and Monopoly Millionaire, the card game. Torben loved it!

We really have been spoiled and will for sure think often about this trip once we’re back home…

Patrik, Tanka and Torben from Belgium


  • Shane says:


    It is great hearing from you.

    I promise if I come to Seattle this fall I will let you know.

    I would love to have you guys back aboard.


  • Eric Lindahl says:

    Hi Shane,

    Just perused your blog, haven’t been there in a while. Marilyn and I are still dreaming of cruising the Caribbean. We sure had a great time with you way back when you started out. Maybe we will come back sometime. Looks like your charter business is doing well, congratulations. Ring us up if you get up to Washington this summer, we’re in the Seattle phone book.

    Best to you


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