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Katie’s letter to her family

By March 31, 2013 4 Comments

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Hello Lovely Family!

These are “Golden Days”!  Oh me-oh-my, this is what I have been waiting for:  water, sun and no stress.  It took me a couple of days to not feel lost, just wasn’t sure what to do with myself without the noise and demands… by today, the 3rd day, I am found. I am absolutely enjoying my Juanito and our quite moments together.

This place is fantastic waking up to the sound of the ocean (similarly falling asleep to the lulling of the ocean) it is peaceful, relaxing, restful and regenerating!  There is nothing quite as blue as the topaz colored waters, breath taking.  I am surrounded by God. Just as the view above the water is magnificent so is the world below.

The snorkeling is phenomenal; really, it has brought out the wonder in me as though I was a child again.  It’s another world under there and I find that I am completely in my element.  It is a garden below, and life comes in every imaginable color.  There are large antler like corals that are bright orange, small pink ones that look like octopus tentacles, and you should see the royal purple fans the sway with the surge of the water.  Today I saw these sweet little purple “flowers” that look like Lily of the Valley clinging to the submerged wall, seconds later I was startled by the large sting ray that lazily slided over the reef and down to the bottom of the sea.  There is a fish that I have seen repeatedly that looks like he is wearing green colored fatigues.  I can’t even begin to explain all of the life in this underwater garden.  I feel like a child at the zoo and I just get excited and am amazed by each living thing.  You all know how much I have always enjoyed gardening, so here is my thought… live on a boat forget dealing with sprinklers and any time I need some color, well just jump in.

I am very interested in learning to sail.  Our captain, Shane has had his work cut out for him as he is trying to teach me to “man the helm” (steer).  I pretty much bounce around.  It’s not like driving a car because the “road” is constantly moving.  All I can relate it to is that it feels like driving a car on an ice rink, by the time you correct the wheel you are all ready moving somewhere else. It feels slippery so I am learning to feel the movement before it happens.  I am absolutely ready for the challenge of learning to sail, I think that it is something that I will be good at and that I would truly enjoy, however this trip is more about relaxation than “lessons” so I am going to have to plan for a “learning vacation” in the future.

I can picture Juan and I in a few years cruising in a catamaran with our kids, but first I think we will take Shane up on the offer of an extended package that would include the little ones and give us enough time to really get a feel for the ocean and learn the art of sailing.  I see it as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves again and share the world with the kids prior to them leaving the nest.  I want to dance with my kids to the sounds of the Caribbean.  The oceans are large; just think of how we could incorporate into their home school curriculum the history, science and cultural exploration of the coasts.  Maybe even a little music appreciation.

I am sure that my daughter would have loved the local band last night at Trellis Bay, the fun and happy sounds of calypso.  Ok so maybe she would have initially died of embarrassment watching her parents dance while everyone at first sat there.  Eventually she would have joined in because the rhythm is contagious and sooner or later everyone is dancing!

In closing I want to say… To Shane, our professional, pleasant and enjoyable captain you really made this an unforgettable week, I appreciate all of the details both big and small that you took care of so that Juan and I could make this week about us.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the islands, taking us to wonderful places both above and below the sea. To our family and friends who love us and cared for our babies and dressing them up in their new cute baby boy onesies, while we were away thanks so much I owe you all big time and am so grateful.  Finally to my Juanito I adore you and am so thankful for this wonderful week of happiness, friendship and strengthening our bonds you are my anchor and I am so honored to have shared this time with you.

With love,



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