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What is in a name?

By March 24, 2013 9 Comments

Looking down on them putting the logo on They are almost done Hello Guiding Light!!! Here comes the Guiding Light

On a boat it becomes your identity!  As cruisers we rarely know each other’s last names, only our boat’s name. Some examples are “aren’t you Shane on Guiding Light”, “Ahoy Guiding Light”, and “here comes Guiding Light”.

With this truthfulness I wanted to pick a boat name that I would be proud of and knew would not be common.  I came up with my name because I wanted something representing religion and boats.  Therefore Guiding Light came around and stands for God and lighthouses guiding me through life and rough waters.  This means God helps guide me, but I feel he also expects me to actively make decisions based on the world around me.  I liked the name so well that when I found out there was a soap opera with the same name (bummer!)  it did not faze me.  In fact I figured it was another way for people to remember my name (plus it was the first soap opera, so at least I used a name that is trail blazing).

While some people leave the name of their boat the same as it had when they bought it, other people I know chose their names for a variety of different reasons.  Bill & Michele on Steppin Up chose their name because this is a bigger boat, Mike and Rebecca on Zero To Cruising started with no idea about boats and worked their way to go cruising, Steve on Alternate Latitude bought his boat to charter and wanted a name that makes people think of Jimmy Buffet’s “Changes in Latitude” song, Rusty and Linda on Sea Yawl Later used their Texas roots and put a nautical spin on a common Texas phrase, Troy and Dena on Storyville named it after their favorite band, and Renee (who is Dutch) & Stacy on Pipe Muh Bligh translates to Blow Me Hard (I am sure they are talking about the wind 😉 ).

Of course you can take the theme of the boat’s name to the dinghy also.  My best friend tabbed my dinghy Temptation because it takes you to shore with bars and other vices.  Thus it is taking you away from the Light.  On the same line of thinking my kayak is Redemption, because you have to work out to use it.  Dave and Leslie on Texas Two Step named their dinghy Line Dancer.

All of this is brought up because I just had the name plastered on the bows of the boat.  When I first got the boat I had the name and logo put on the stern as soon as I could.  Well it was not until later when I was out cruising that I realized other boats could not see my name with my dinghy hanging on the davits.   Therefore, I finally had the name put on the bows so everyone know who I am and I don’t look like a lot of the bareboats around here.

What do you think of the logo?  What is or will be your boat name and why?  Why don’t you leave a comment answering these questions for everyone to read?


  • Asa Corpuz says:

    Wonderful post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Kudos!

  • Shane says:

    There is the superstition that it is bad luck, but since I changed my boat’s name four years ago I have had a wonderful time on it.

    Of course I did make sure all traces of the old name where gone, but I did not do the ceremony to Neptune.

    What are you thinking of changing it to?

  • Shane says:


    I love the meaning behind your name. Do you have a French connection?

  • Shane says:


    I love the use of your mom’s name in your boat name although it does have a bad image of a disaster, doesn’t it?

    See you in several weeks!

  • Mark Brand says:

    Enjoyed your post about boat names. Mine is the “Merci,” which means, “Thanks.” I chose it because I dreamed of sailing ever since I was a child and now God has blessed me with a boat!

  • tim connolly says:

    Hey there, is there any truth to changing yiur boats name brings bad luck?!!!

  • T Schultz says:

    Your logo looks great!
    I think ‘Sue – nami’ after my Mom 🙂 .. Unless that would be unlucky?

  • Shane says:

    Thank you for sharing to everyone the thought behind my name.

    You guys make my life easier and better.

  • Bill and Dee McClellan says:

    Dear “Shane on Guiding Light”,
    Your name, Shane, was decided on when your dad saw the movie, Shane, as a young teenager and said that if he ever had a son, his name would be Shane. He liked the name because the character, Shane, was a man who believed firmly in what he was doing, did whatever it took to make things happen, and walked away when someone else’s well-being was at stake. Your middle name, Clifford, was chosen because your grandfather carried that name and passed it down to your dad. As the third bearer of the name Clifford you are upholding the Christian values that Granddad established and carried throughout his life. Dad and I are so very proud that you have never tarnished the names that we gave to you. You are a true blessing to our lives.

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