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Waiting for the generator

By March 20, 2011 No Comments

This week was a slow week waiting for my new Honda 2000 generator.  It has taken longer than expected to get it, but as of Friday it is now on my boat.  I had to pick it up at the airport, where a taxi cost $50 round trip.  Luckily, I had two different locals offer me rides.  If you are reading this blog it was so nice of you.  THANK YOU.

I celebrated by having Storyville and Pipe Muh Bligh over for a movie on the TV (use up energy now that I can make some).  My solar panels make enough energy for my daily needs, but if it is a cloudy day I can get into trouble.  Now I can top them up every week or two.

Some of the things I did waiting for the generator was attend Beach Church, play volleyball, play poker, and extended my immigrations.  I also got Michael to run me up the mast so I could remove a busted deck light and repair the steaming light.  It took longer than I thought (what doesn’t on a boat), but I got it figured out.

About mid week we took the boat across the harbor and filled up with fuel.  It was almost two months since I last filled up and I was only half empty so I am doing well with the fuel usage.  Now we are ready to go to the Jumento Islands.  After we filled up we went to the Red Shanks anchorage, which is still in Elizabeth Harbor, but it is away from everyone else and very protected.  The only problem is there is not a lot to do there.

We are think of leaving on Tuesday after a front passes, so next week’s post might be late due to no internet where we are going.

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