Race week

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I started this week off by attending Beach Church, which is a church service on the beach, ran by the cruisers.  It was nice to sit in the shade of a pine tree with the breeze blowing and the sand between my toes, while worshipping.  The next couple of days were spent between Eric and Marilyn leaving and Michael arriving.

On Wednesday Robert (Following Tides), Steve (Anchor Management), Troy & Dena (Storyville), Michael, and myself participated in the Around Stocking Island Race.  Besides the race there were also awards up for photograph, dessert, and fishing.  We ended up getting 3rd place for the race, 1st place for fishing (we caught a 35 inch mahi – we are told it is the only fish caught in three years), and Dena made an amazing cheesecake that won 1st place (every judge voted for her).  She made two desserts so the crew had fish and cheesecake for dinner.  We also found out we came in 2nd (by a mere 8 seconds) in the Elizabeth Harbor race.  I am very proud of my boat, crew, and the results in both of these friendly races.

I also participated in a volleyball tournament.  There were eight teams and we played a round robin format with the top four teams playing for 1st-4th.  It turned out one team finished 5-2, while my team and four others finished 4-3.  In order to pick which three went on they took the scores of the three games lost and we did not make it.  It was a lot of fun and I have learned how to play regulation volleyball since being in George Town.

On Saturday we hiked up Monument Hill with Renee and Stacy on Pipe Mum Bligh and then took the boat across the bay with several people on board so we could attend the last activity of the regatta, which was the variety show.  Like all talent shows there were good acts and not so good acts.

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