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USCG & Blue Bell…What a week!

By September 4, 2011 No Comments

Damon and his dad Don drove me half way to College Station after church, where we met Joel, who works at Texas A&M University, for lunch.  Afterwards, I went with Joel.  For the most part it was a quiet relaxing week hanging out with my best friend.  If you follow me on Twitter  or Facebook  (click on each to signup) then you already know the two biggest highlights of the week happened on Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday I used Joel’s truck and drove 3.5 hours to San Antonio in order to take the US Coast Guard captain test.  I had four hours to take a four part test for my OUPV license (I can take up to 6 people on an uninspected boat) plus separate tests for a Masters upgrade, towing endorsement, and sailing endorsement.  The good news is I passed and now all I have to do is fill out the paperwork and get a TSA id card.

Friday Joel took the day off and we got to see the making of God’s gift called ice cream when we visited the Blue Bell Creamery.   At the end of the tour I got a scoop of Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream.  We even got an extra scoop because Tiramisu just came out that day and they were handing out samples….YES PLEASE!  If you have never had Blue Bell you are most certainly missing out.  It is only sold to 22% of the US population and still is the #3 selling brand.  It is that good!!!!

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