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Now a published photographer – not as impressive as it sounds, but…

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I spent the entire week working on my USCG captain license.  I would love to say it was all spent on studying for my upcoming exam, but the truth is I spent more time on other required elements than studying.  I had to get a physical and a drug test.  Plus I spent all of Friday taking the Red Cross First Aid and the Red Cross CPR classes.  The woman teaching the courses did a good job, but having been a firefighter for 10 years it was all a refresher for me.  In fact since it was a level below my fire department training I keep doing stuff that was normal for me, but she said no since it was outside the scope of the class.

Other than the prep work for the license I was able to meet Bitcoin Loophole System with my investment broker and talk about where things are going (he had more questions about cruising than I had about my investments…it was fun).  I also had two old cavities replaced (I defiantly have other things I would have rather spent my time and money on!!!).  The best part of the week was getting together with Matt & Christie for coffee.  If you remember from post in February and March they were part of the Texas Navy with me in the Bahamas.  They are now land based in Dallas (they only planned a year and a half cruise before getting back to their careers).  Their 34 foot Aloha is now for sale if you are interested in a small cozy boat, just let me know.

As a side note, I am now a published photographer (although not paid…darn it).  Earlier this year I was contacted by a gentleman from the Aviation Business Journal who needed photos of the Nantucket Airport and wanted to use mine from the blog dated August 15, 2010 (when I was on the Nantucket Island I made a point of going to the airport because I was a fan of the TV show Wings which took place there).  I have attached a PDF containing the thank you, cover (I know it is upside down…oops), inside cover (with my photo), and the article if you are interested.  Just click on this link Aviation Business Journal – My Nantucket Airport Picture.

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