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Water bottle everywhere and not one to drink from

By August 21, 2011 No Comments

I have continued to study for the upcoming USGS captain test (which is Aug 30th).  I studied the first half of the week in Denver, where I felt like jeans might be needed in the evenings and the second half in Dallas where I was assaulted with 105 degree weather.  I should have stayed in Colorado longer (much, much longer). 

Besides studying I was able to meet up with M&M (Mark & Megan) for lunch (he is one of the few guys I know that makes me feel short – see photo).  I also got to attend a Rockies game with Jamie and Vance (thanks for the tickets Val).  Plus I got ice cream at Little Man, which has the coolest building (see photo).

Since this is a short blog entry I wanted to comment on an article I read by Tania Aebi (she was the youngest to sail around the world back in the early 80’s).  In the January 2011 issue of Latitudes & Attitudes her column is about the over use of disposable water bottles used in the US.  I have attached a copy for you to read the entire article (just click it to make it bigger), but the short story is that we use disposable water bottles WAY to much.  She goes on to state how she finds them on deserted islands all the time (I can vouch to this).

I have had a problem with these for years, but this article inspired me to ban them from my life as much as I can.  Therefore, from this day moving forward I am going to try to not use disposable plastic bottles (water, soda, ect).  I will use the great Relay For Life metal bottle I was given and I will have ice water in a cooler for guest on the boat.  I am asking each of you to make the same commitment, so we can hopefully lower the impact our society makes on the environment.  I know it is not much, but it is a start.

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