Virgin Islands Travel Videos

The Virgin Islands travel videos began when I arrived in the Virgin Islands at the beginning of 2012 to start my chartering business. As I continues to run charters and exploring these islands I ended up making 17 episodes. The first three are of the Spanish VI (the islands east of Puerto Rico), the next seven highlight the United States VI, and the final seven are of the British VI. If you want to read more on each group of islands and get some helpful hints about traveling there the go to the Travel guides by clicking on the group’s name above.

As you watch these videos, enjoy and let your sense of adventure out! If you would like to help support this travel video series financially (and get a one month sneak preview), please visit my Patreon site. Even $1 can help with equipment, software, and expense cost. Also, I would love for you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and please share these videos with anyone who will enjoy seeing each country.