Chartering the Guiding Light

Welcome aboard the Guiding Light, the future site of your best vacation ever!

My name is Captain Shane and I want to invite you to join the adventure and have the time of your life aboard the Guiding Light. You may even end up calling it your best vacation EVER (check out my reviews). You can charter the entire boat for $8000 a week (plus expenses) or take my “cruising experience” charter for $3000 per cabin a week (plus expenses) with a two-week minimum. Check out the videos below about charters on the Guiding Light and what you can see “Under the Guiding Light”.

Swimming by
Guest driving the boat
Walking up the beach
Life is good on the boat
SUP with the Guiding Light
One of many anchorages
Holding 2 Starfish

As I said above, a regular 8 day/7 night charter costs $8000 plus expenses, consisting of provisioning you order ($125-$250 per person per week), fuel & water ($75-$125 total per week), mooring balls when we don’t anchor (up to $200 total per week), and govt fees ($25-$150 total per week). You can bring up to six people, which will share three queen size cabins, of which 2 are ensuite, plus there is a full-size shower for everyone to use (check out the vessel).  I am charging significantly less than most other catamarans, because I love showing adventurous, easy going, fun loving people the sights and joy of my lifestyle.

I want to make your vacation the best one possible, so you want to come back year after year. All you have to do is tell me your desires and I will do everything possible to make it happen, because your charter will be totally customized to your request. Plus, you get my services of provisioning the boat (saving you 3-4 hours), baking my famous homemade bread for lunch sandwiches, cooking some of my highly regarded dinners and desserts many of which are featured in my cookbook “Cooking on the Guiding Light” (check out the food page), and as a snorkel & tour guide. There is even the captain’s drink of the day to celebrate a wonderful day and gorgeous sunset.

During your charter you can do anything you want from absolutely nothing but lie in the sun, to playing in the water and snorkel the reefs as if you were in an aquarium.  If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can help sail the boat.  Your charter gives you access to all the equipment aboard the vessel including snorkel gear for diving on the reefs, beach gear for lying around in the sand, bicycles for land tours, a kayak and paddleboards for your paddling desires, fishing gear to appease your hunter/gather side, and other toys socked away for you to discover.

The second option is my “cruising experience” charter for $3000 per cabin per week plus expenses with a two-week minimum stay. This is a great option if you would like to learn how to sail, check out the cruising lifestyle, or gain valuable sailing experience. You will be helping in ALL aspects of running the boat as we explore the world including route planning, navigation, sail handling, watch keeping, provisioning, cooking, maintenance, and much more. Like I said, a great way to learn about sailing and cruising and is my form of a sailing school.

After reading all of this I know you are interested in a vacation aboard the Guiding Light, so check out the calendar to see my availability and contact me with any questions. I look forward to having you as a guest aboard the Guiding Light.

Best vacation ever


Posing on the bow of the boat
Anegada Sunset With Fishing boat And Temptation
Anchored in Culebrita
Loving the boat life
SUP time
Turtle and a guest