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Harassed by the viking communities in Middle Ages, by the mid 12th century the Grand Duchy of Lithuania formed and was an economic and military force in the area. By the end of the 14th century Lithuania was one of the largest countries in Europe. Beginning in 1385 the country started to Christianize and was one of the last in Europe to do so. In 1569 Lithuania officially entered a union with Poland to form a commonwealth. Lithuania was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth until the Polish Partitions in the later half of the 18th century when it became part of the Russian Empire.

Helpful Info
Population – 2,800,000
Money – Euro (as of Feb 2020 US$1 = 0.91; current rate available at
Language – Lithuanian, but English is understood by 30% & Russian 40%
Religion – 77% Catholic
When to go – Summer when it is warmer
World Heritage Sites – 4 – Curonian Spit, Kernavė, Struve Geodetic Arc, & Vilnius
Country formed – declared independence from Soviet Union on March 11, 1990

Modern Lithuania gained its independence from Russia in 1918 following World War I. However, in 1940 Lithuania was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union then occupied by the Nazis before the Soviet Union recaptured it and brutally persecuted and killed many Lithuanians. On 11 March 1990, Lithuania became the first of the Soviet republics to declare its independence, but this proclamation was not generally recognized until September 1991.

My Visit

AIn August 2019 I spent a month traveling around the Baltic states. I started in Kaliningrad, Russia and traveled up the Curonian Spit and into Lithuania. From there I rented a car in Klaipėda and took three days as I drove along the northern region down to Kaunas and finally into Vilnius where I spent several days before flying to Estonia.

Likes, Dislikes, and Recommendations

I absolutely loved the Curonian Spit and the seaside town of Palanga, but did not care too much for Klaipėda. In the north the Hill of Crosses was amazing and Kernavė Archaeological Site was a let down. I liked the town of Kaunas and loved Trakai Island Castle. Once in Vilnius, the capital, there was lots to see and do in this medieval town.

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