In Klaipeda I stayed at the Bike Friendly Hostel

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Lithuania - Klaipėda - River

I don’t ever stay in hostels since I prefer to spend a little bit more money and have my own room, but when I arrived in Klaipeda on August 7th I had no choice. I had not booked a room until the night before to leave my options open on what I wanted to do. Unfortunately they only thing left was some hostels and I chose the Bike Friendly Hostel.

Lithuania - Klaipėda - Bike Friendly Hostel 1Turns out this was a blessing because I got to sit down with the couple that owns it and chat for almost two hours one night. He is around my age and talked about the transition the country went through going from communism to capitalism and gaining independence from the Soviet Union. He also talk out his house, which his grandfather lived in for years (along with many other families) under the communism reign and how he bought it when they moved to capitalism.

Lithuania - Klaipėda - Bike Friendly HostelThe house is around 200 years old, but he could not say for sure since the Soviet Union destroyed all records from before they took over. He did say that an 80 something old lady stopped by and said her grandfather use to live upstairs when he ran the railroad station and it was part of the station building. She remembered much of the building (although they changed a lot when switching it to a single family home) and told them about the ghost in the attic. Whoa! Turns out her name and her mother’s name were the exact same as the owner and her daughter. Crazy stories and fun to hear.

Lithuania - Klaipėda - FortThe other benefit of stating in a hostel is that I met a Romanian guy who I ended up exploring Klaipeda with. It is a nice town, but other than a great stroll through the city center at night the only real things to do are a clock museum and the old fort with a museum and marina. It is a good base though to explore the Curonian Spit to the south and Palanga to the north.

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