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Top 10 reasons to choose the Guiding Light

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[Shane – Last week I had some guest from the last month or so send me an e-mail with the following to share on a blog.  I have to tell you I never get tired of hearing the very last sentence of the e-mail.  I love it when I can give someone the best vacation they have ever had!!!!]

Top 10 Reasons to choose Guiding Light for your family charter vacation

•             Homemade bread for lunch sandwiches

•             Unique board games to play after dark

•             Swinging on the mangrove roots and seeing the wild donkeys

•             Discovering “feather dusters” and short spine sea urchins

•             Learning first hand that the tarpon eat the minnows

•             Barefoot dinners on shore & excellent “chicken bombs” cooked by the captain

•             Smiles from the teenagers as Captain Shane engaged them with humor & patience

•             Captain’s “drink of the day”—best Mojito ever!

•             WOW time for the family

•             Captain Shane’s high-adventure tour of the Baths

We had an amazing week & enjoyed Captain Shane’s enthusiasm and sense of fun and adventure.

This was our best vacation ever!

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