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Letter to our missing friend

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Storming the beach at The BathsDeploy the fleet Relaxing on the trampoline from under water Sandy Cay after our big swim

Dear Matty,

We are so sorry you were not able to make this year’s trip on the Guiding Light due to your open heart surgery.

Every day on board we have thought of you, and we sure wish you were with us as we round out our week of sailing.  So many adventures that you would have enjoyed, from great snorkels (Tektite where we saw two sharks, a couple of turtles, and a massive lobster), the Baths, Mountain Point, The Indians, Monkey Point, The Chimney, and a lot others we can’t remember the names of anymore.  We also had some wild nights on shore, and you were sorely missed at Corsair’s (no absinthe this time though!), dancing at Foxy’s, and a bit of rum at Cane Garden Bay. Let’s just say you were toasted many a time with drinks consumed on board as well!

Erica earned quite a few “Achieves” this trip.  It was a fateful decision of hers to swim back to the boat after two Painkillers from White Bay (one at Soggy Dollar and one at Ivan’s).  She survived the swim but was scathed by a sea urchin and ended up with 25 spikes in her foot.  We all came to her rescue dashingly, and she was a trooper, carrying on with her evening and rum consumption!  Soaking her foot in vinegar each day, as per the captain, has made her almost whole again.

There was a good amount of physical exertion that you would have lead (or at least, kept up with!), including a run to the Petroglyphs on St. John and then a very hilly run back to Little Lameshur Bay.  Erica and Rob continued their efforts that day with a third run to Ram’s Head Point. Lots of land critters were spotted including deer, mongoose, millipedes, and goats on the hill.  We also had a great circuit training day led by Mark on Moskito island. It was so effortful that it had Rob whining about how sore he was all the next day.

Another highlight was a spectacular few hours at Sandy Cay. The three of us decided to swim around it, while Erica kept watch on the beach.  It only took us 30 minutes to circumnavigate the island and we were very pumped afterwards!

Food was excellent as usual, led by Shane, with mastery on the barbeque by Rob (and fine marinating done by Erica).  Drinks of the day were delicious as well!

Another great night took place on Savannah Bay. The four of us took a paddle board and kayak and bag full of beers to shore and watched the sun sink into the sea.   The bay was calm and perfect for paddle boarding and I had my own private night paddle later on in the dark after dinner. Wow.

It has been a great tour of the BVI with several new spots and a few oldies but goodies. To sum up, we spent each night at  Great Lameshur Bay, Salt Pond Bay, Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke,  Cane Garden Bay, Bitter End Yacht Club, Savannah Beach, and Caneel Bay.

Don’t worry, Matty, we’ll be back with you when you are ready to sail away again soon.


Michaela, Mark, Rob and Erica

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