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The best way to see The Baths

By April 20, 2014 No Comments

Exploring The Baths Jumping Off A Rock With Captain Shane Jumping Off A Rock Under A Rock

Hi, my name is Jessica, I’m 12, and my family took a weeklong vacation aboard the Guiding Light.

During the week I think one of my favorite things was going to the Baths.  The Baths is fun because Captain Shane has his own secret path off of the main trail. This path is way more fun than the main trail because it is full of adventure. You jump off rocks, swim through caves, and my favorite, swim under a hole that goes to an air pocket in the rock.  If you swim through a tunnel, you come up in an air pocket underneath a rock.  There is a very loud echo, but the colors under the rock are cool and nice.  It is a sight you want to see.

When I was going to jump off of the rock, and I must admit I am somewhat of a scaredy cat (this is why if you are looking for good adventure you should go on the Guiding Light), I ran down the rock and jumped. That moment was so great I decided to jump 6 more times.

After jumping off of the rock we swam and army crawled through lots of different tunnels  It is very easy to get lost if you don’t have Captain Shane with you. Sometimes when I looked back I could see people trying to follow us, but since they didn’t have Captain Shane with them they weren’t having as much fun and they got lost after a while.

All in all I loved sailing on the Guiding Light.

[Shane – in a future blog I will walk everyone through the adventure trail I have blazed….look for it]

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