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Anatomy of the Guiding Light

By April 13, 2014 No Comments

Culebrita Lighthouse Family That Sunk Family Time On The WOW Floating FamilyWhen my family and I first stepped into Captain Shane’s dinghy and headed off towards the Guiding Light, I had no idea what to expect. Our family of four includes my dad, mom, little sister Anna (14), and me, Allie (18). We all had different hope and expectations for what adventures were in store for us, but all I knew was that I was going to be living on some strange looking, two legged boat for a week. After a week on the boat I have some different ways of seeing the Guiding Light. I thought to best explain my interpretations of this floating homestead I’d draw a quick diagram of the anatomy of the great Guiding Light. Allie DrawingCockpit The cockpit is the main location to find a beautiful variety of delicious delicacies crafted by the very talented Captain. This is also where I witnessed the elegance of the mighty porpoise. (Perhaps more commonly called dolphins).

The Captain’s ThroneThe Captain’s Throne is an exclusive place where only those with authority have the privilege to perch. It’s also where one can experience plenty of sarcastic remarks and goofy jokes from the ever talkative Captain Shane.

TrampolineThis particular location serves several purposes. In the day it is the perfect place to catch some rays and wash away that pale winter skin. But at night it works as the ultimate star gazing platform, and there are plenty to see!

Snarfeling Stairs(Or as Shane would properly call them the Scoops) Snarfeling definition: the act of lazy snorkeling; to lazy snorkel one must simply strap on goggles and stick their head into water.  The origin of the name comes from the fact that the snorkeler appears as if they are barfing off the side of the boat, hence the name snarfeling.

The Living Room(Perhaps Shane would call it the salon) The living room is the host of the nightly games…when we were able to keep mom awake that is. It was in this space where the struggle for victory was all too commonly smothered by the reality of defeat.

OceanThe ocean is home to a plethora of fun! The ocean holds the WOW raft (a location for competitive duals), nifty whimsical fish such as Flubbers (Again, truly called Ballyhoo), and even some glowing bioluminescent water!

Over all, this week has been an incredible experience and I’m going home with some awesome memories and a small pang in my heart. We’ve all really gotten to love the Guiding Light and its captain and although we’re sad to be leaving we’re glad to have had such an unbelievable time on the Guiding Light.

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