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Tintemarre Island is a bit like Ile Pinel, but….

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Tintemarre POTD

Tintemarre 1A mile away from Ile Pinel is Tintemarre Island. Both small islands are off the east coast of the French side of St Martin. They both have wonderful beaches, but Tintemarre is harder to get to and does not have any beach bars.

Tintemarre 3In fact, the only way to get there is to have your own boat and sail across the water. Once there you can pick up one of the many moorings laid down by the Park Service (please do so instead of anchoring like some idiots and tearing up the seafloor) and swim ashore where you will find a perfect crescent beach. Right on the beach there are a few picnic tables and grills, a very small cave area, and a tree people hang things on.

Tintemarre 2Further back from the beach there are a few paths and some type of building, but without shoes the rocks will tear up your feet quick. Trust me. 🙂 Plus, why would you want to leave this perfect beach? I was there with my friends and we had a blast playing in the sand, swimming around, and throwing a water ball. All in all, not a bad way to spend a day. 🙂

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