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There are iguanas everywhere on Ile Pinel off St Martin

By July 16, 2019 No Comments
Iguanas POTD

As I was telling you yesterday, Ile Pinel has dozens on iguanas on it and they all scurry down from the rocks and onto the beach area whenever someone starts to feed them. It is quite something to watch and I can see why it might be disconcerting to see these giant lizards coming at you. With that said, it might be even more fun to watch everyone’s reactions when they get to close. People will shriek, throw the bits of fruit away, and scurry back themselves. What they do not realize is the iguanas are not going to hurt them. They just want the food. In fact they will let you touch them and even pick them up if you are calm enough.

I have been to Ile Pinel several times and I still find it a highlight to watch them come off the small cliff in droves and all of a sudden to be standing between a dozen or so iguanas.


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