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The donkeys I found at Oyster Bay were so calm

By July 14, 2019 No Comments
Donkeys 2

When my best friend, his brother (another close friend), his brother’s family, and I did the short hike up Fife Hill at the entrance to Oyster Pond we found some new friends. These three donkeys were roaming (actually they were just standing there, but they could roam freely if they wanted to) the hillside munching on the grass when I saw them. As I approached they just stood there and let me continue.

Maybe they were hot and super lazy, but I would like to think it was more my way with animals. Either way Jean-Luc (yep that is what I named him because we were just over the boarder and on the French side) stayed right there and posed with me as my friends got some photos of us. Wasn’t that nice of him?

Donkeys 1

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