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Oyster Pond is super calm, but getting in is tricky!!!!

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Oyster Pond POTD

Oyster Pond 2Oyster Pond, on the east coast of St Martin, has a tricky entrance and is on a lee shore. Once you get inside the bay it is flat calm and worth the effort, but do not try it your first time if it is too rough out or you do not have good sunlight.

Oyster Pond 3As you approach the entrance you are going down wind and sadly as of right now only have two markers. You need to stay offshore a bit until you are sure you have the correct spot just south of Fife Hill. From here locate a white pole sticking out of the water. This is the first marker and use to be painted red, but it is tough to tell until you are upon it, so just put it on your starboard side (Red Right Returning). This will take you through the first part of an “S” curve. The next marker is on the reef near shore and I did not find it until after I was past the first one. This one is green and you need to turn to starboard and put it on your prot side. Now you will be lined up for the natural slot between a cliff that serves as the entrance. From this point it is fairly straight forward and the seas calm down right away.

Oyster Pond 1Once inside you will almost certainly have to take a mooring, because it is either too shallow or not enough swing room. The sad part is that you could tell this was a great bay before the hurricanes, but now every dock and restaurant is destroyed. Oyster Pond is still good for a calm anchorage and the short hike up Fife Hill was a lot of fun when I did it with my best friend, his brother (another very close friend), and his brother’s family. There is also a beach at the hotel on the outside.

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