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You are not going to believe what I found snorkeling Little Bay on St Martin

By July 11, 2019 2 Comments
Little Bay POTD

Little Bay 3Earlier this week I wrote about walking to Fort Amsterdam and how I did not think it was worth the effort. Well what is worth the effort is to take your boat and moor in Little Bay, which is on the other side of the penisula, that Fort Amsterdam is on, from Philipsburg. I mean right under the fort!

Once here you will find a house on a barge that is obviously a bar you can swim up to and climb aboard. I looks like it would be a ton of fun, but the only problem is that it has never been open when I have visited Little Bay.

Little Bay 1That of course has never stopped me and my guest from enjoying this bay. The reason is because of what they have under the water……..a submarine and a helicopter. That is right! They have a recreation submarine you can swim through (and of course I have) and a Huey helicopter mounted on the seafloor in about 20 feet of water. There is also a statue (cover photo and today’s photo of the day) with a couple cannons and some other odds and ends.

Little Bay 2When I swam through the sub I realized it was on its side and the nose cone use to be see through. I could tell all this because light filtered through ports holes at the top and through the nose of the ship. When I dove down to the helicopter I saw the absolute biggest sea urchin I have ever seen and chose not to swim through, because those suckers hurt if you hit them… me. 🙂


  • Shane says:


    I saw all the usual fish while snorkeling. Parrot, sargent major, snappers, groupers, puffer, etc. Even a lionfish.


  • Natalie says:

    What type of fish did you see? How was the snorkeling?

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