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The Baths are the #1 site in the Virgin Islands

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As much as I love being in the USVI (especially St John and St Croix) and SVI (just read the three blogs in September) the number one site in the entire Virgin Islands is The Baths at the south end of Virgin Gorda.

This site is a jumbled pile of huge granite boulders.  Some of them are as big as houses and they are piled up on top of each other right at the water’s edge.  Once you get here you walk, duck, and scramble through, over, and under these rocks.

There is a path through this maze that has ropes, ladders, and catwalks to help everyone through, but I have come up with my own path through.  I can tell you it is only for the physically active people since there is a lot of climbing up and shallow dives under rocks.  There is one spot you have to climb up and over three rocks in order to run down a rock and jump off into 6 feet of water.  Now that is fun!  I even have a spot that you swim through a hole a couple feet down and come up inside a rock where there is an air pocket.

When you enter The Baths you have to walk hunched over through a triangle opening 20 feet long before you walk around a rock and enter the largest and most photographed room called the Cathedral.  This room has knee deep water in it, which you can wade around in.

After you have explored till your heart is content you can enjoy Devil’s Bay.  This is the bay on the other end of the trail through the Baths and it has the nicest beach.  You can even walk to the far end and take the trail you find a couple hundred feet and have your own private beach.

The snorkeling at the Baths is pretty awesome also.  Plus there is a restaurant at the top of the hill conveniently called “Top Of The Baths” or you can go to the bar right on the beach called “Poor Man’s Bar”.

One thing I would caution you about is the north swell in the winter.  If you see red flags this means it is too rough to dinghy or swim ashore from a boat in the mooring field.  I recommend taking the boat to Spanish Town and getting a taxi for $4 per person to take you to the Baths.  Now you can walk down from the parking lot and have a blast as the surge pounds the rocks outside leaving you protected inside.  In fact I have done this for guest and had them take a tour of the island including Copper Mine Point and meet me at Leverick’s Bay in the North Sound.  The taxi for the ride to the Baths, the tour, and a ride to North Sound runs $20-$25 a person depending on the size of the group.

Two more things, if there is a huge crowd from the cruise ships then wait until just after noon and they all leave to get back to the ship and you can enjoy the Baths without the line which will leave you feeling like cattle.

Second I redesigned the “Travel Video” page.  Why don’t you click over there and let me know what you think of it.

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