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What’s for dinner?

By September 29, 2013 3 Comments

Chocolate lasagna BBQ jalapeno chicken

While my last several blogs, about my time in the Spanish VI and Puerto Rico, have been posting, I had several people comment through the website (remember you can leave comments at the end of each blog or page and I hope you do on a regular basis) , Facebook (please feel free to friend me with the button to the right), or in e-mails that I should be getting the boat put away in case there is a tropical storm.  The fact of the matter is the boat was pulled out of the water and stored on land in Puerto Rico on August 17th.  I have just had so much to share with everyone that it has taken until now for me to finish writing about my trip.

So, what have I been doing the last month and a half?  Well I have spent time in Dallas, Denver, and College Station hanging out with friends and family.  During this time I have been getting a lot of computer and paper work completed (you can now sign up for my monthly newsletter to the right), taking classes (my CPR was renewed 2 days before it expired), and making my travel videos (I have started posting the Virgin Islands videos and I hope each of you watch them every two weeks so I can grow my viewership and feel like the 5-6 hours I put into each video is worth it), and COOKING. I also use vacuum sealer that I found from this vacuum sealer reviews website.

Cooking you may ask, well yes I would answer.  I am always on the lookout for new recipes to serve on the boat and this is an excellent opportunity to try some out to determine if I like them or not.  In Colorado I cooked several things with Bella, my friend’s 10 year old daughter, who is like a niece to me.  She helped me make Chocolate Lasagna (see photo), which was an amazing combination of  chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, cream cheese, Oreo cookies, and chocolate chips.  We also made an orange and pecan rice side dish that she enjoyed so much she had it for breakfast and took it for lunch the next day.  I guess that was a keeper also!

Some other items I made and will serve this season are Orange BBQ Mahi, Mango Chutney Fish, Mushroom Cream Swordfish, and Lemon Salmon.  You may notice these are all seafood.  This is because I am personally much more of a turf guy than a surf guy and I needed to beef up (get it?)  my seafood selection.  With that said, my favorite new main course is BBQ chicken stuffed with jalapenos and cheese wrapped in bacon (see photo above and recipe below).  I mean how can you not love that combo?!?!

Of course since my favorite part of the meal is the last course I have been working on some new desserts on top of the chocolate lasagna with a Sweet Potato Pineapple Pie and a Kiwi Raspberry Ricotta Tart as the two best.

I still have some time and will defiantly be working on some other items and using the friends and family I stay with as guinea pigs.  Of course they don’t seem to mind.  😉


Do you have anything I should try?  Leave a comment below and let me know about it.  Want to try some of the above?  Then sign up for a charter and come on down!!!


  • Shane says:


    I have to say I am glad I have made it even harder to get through the winter up there in Minnesota. 🙂

    Spread the word and get more people to come down with me, ok?

    I am looking forward to meeting you and your family.


  • Kelly Lindblom says:

    Capt. Shane,

    You don’t fight fair!! My family and I will be joining you this spring and we know it is going to be a challenge to get through a Minnesota winter. We know we are going to try hard not to think of our time on Guiding Light all day every day. Now you go and throw such awesome food into the equation and I’m not sure how we are going to be able to survive until spring. : )


  • Bill and Dee McClellan says:

    I have been looking over your website while waiting on your dad to get ready and really enjoyed the way you have updated it. I could really get a feel for what it is like to be aboard the Guiding Light by reading about the boat, sailing and my favorite part, YOU, the captain. I can hardly wait to join you again for more fun adventures and to try out some of your great new recipes!!
    Love to you,

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