Mueum on Anagada, BVI - sailed here with Steph Anagada, BVI - Land cruising the islandAnagada, BVI - Cruising stop at the beach(by Steph) Hello, I have the distinct honor of being the first crew person and the first lady to sail under Capt. Shane. I hale from Golden CO, Shane’s old stomping grounds and am very excited to begin our sailing adventure on the Guiding Light a fine vessel indeed! On Tues. (the day I arrived) Capt. Shane and I had the opportunity to work together very quickly and calmly as the anchor chain was found to be knotted up and tracking outside of the windless. After some assistance it was best decided to use a slip in Village Cay, Road Town Tortola to sort out the anchor. Wed. we provisioned the boat for the week and Shane worked.  Thurs. we finally got to the anchor laying it out on the dock and inspecting all the links, replacing the shackles and clips and a lot of twisting. That afternoon we motored back over to Trellis Bay for Wi-Fi and a mooring ball. We’ve had a head wind no matter where we’ve moved to! Lots of cleaning and organizing as we prepare for our trip. Fri on the mooring ball still. We’ve had rain, wind, rain, wind and clouds but the temperatures been nice.

Sat. our big day to sail out to Anagada. Headwinds and lack of time made us head for Leverick Resort Bay which was very nice for 30$US it included showers, water and a free bag of ice! We did some snorkeling around the bay and saw lots of conch shells and fish. Sun. we be sailing mon! A lovely day with good wind and weather. The boat sailed smooth and true with Capt. Shane at the wheel.

Anagada is a sliver of sand and reef that stretches for 10 miles. The powdery sand beaches are paradise under your feet. We found this out after visiting the salt ponds and walking to find Anagada’s museum (a small bedroom size room) about 2 miles one way from the dock. Our day ended with virgin punch juice and talking with the locals. A picturesque day all around.

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