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Statia is extremely laid back

By August 5, 2019 2 Comments

I have met many people in the Caribbean that are from Statia, but they moved to some of the other Leeward Islands (St Martin, St Kitts, Etc) because it was to quiet for them on St Eustatius (known as Statia). It is true there is no night life on Statia and during the day you can either walk along the lower part of town (where all the old warehouse and wharf ruins are) or through town on the way up the Quill (a dormant volcano). With that said, I took two different charters there from St Barts in June and both charters loved Statia so much the day and night spent there was either their favorite island or second favorite. So, when you read or are told that there is nothing to do on Statia keep in mind that I and my guest love this small island.

Have you ever been there? If so, what did you think of Statia?


  • Shane says:


    Hey there. How’s it going?

    All along the Lower town is a descent beach and the snorkeling is cool since you are snorkeling right from shore and exploring the ruins of the old wharfs and warehouses that have fallen or gotten washed into the sea. Lots of sand dollars that stand out in the black sand about 15-20 feet down.

    I would say it is even more remote than St Barts. the best way to get there is aboard the Guiding Light ;). Your other option is to travel to St Martin and then take a very short flight (best) or a ferry to Statia.


  • Victor B says:

    Any good beaches and/or snorkeling? Also, what is the best method for transport to the island? Looks very remote and even St Barts isn’t the easiest place to get too, especially from LA. Looks lovely though!

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